Hi, my name is Keeley Craw. Welcome to Mothership Counselling Services.

Before you commit to working with a counsellor its natural that you want to know a little bit more about the person…

I’ve been a therapist for 13 years and I’m a mum of two very young children so the trials, paradoxes, and joys of pregnancy and motherhood are still fresh in my mind.

Before I became a therapist I worked in education as a teacher and with various organisations supporting children in education. I also worked in social work teams as an assistant social worker supporting families during contact times whilst their babies and children lived away from home.

Initially I trained as a Play Therapist. Play Therapy is mainly used with children but the playful and creative techniques can also be applied to therapeutic work with adults. For the last six years as well as holding a clinical role I have also been a manager and area manager for a charity that provides school based counselling services in schools.

My work has always involved lots of interaction and support for children’s families in all their different shapes and sizes. I have also worked as a clinical supervisor for six years, supporting therapists to think about their work and make sure they are practicing safely.

I would describe myself as an integrative counsellor. This means I draw from a number of theories in my work. For me Person Centred Counselling and Psychodynamic Therapy are my two main go tos. Please look at these links for brief descriptions of each type of therapy.

I’m not here to tell you what to do, but to hold you as you explore your feelings, think about where they may stem from, and support you as you decide how you want to move forward.


If you want to find out more about Mothership Counselling services then please send us a message or call or text 07523952194.